Women and HIV Prevention Initiative

ACG is excited to be implementing a new program which focuses specifically on the HIV prevention needs of women in our community. The program aims to build local community capacity within our community to respond to women's HIV and AIDS prevention needs and to improve the quality of life for women living with or affected by HIV and AIDS.

Women and HIV

Providing women with HIV prevention initiatives and programming is vital for our community. Approximately 300 women in Ontario test positive for HIV each year, and roughly 15% of all those diagnosed with HIV in Ontario are female.


  • Heterosexual women are now considered an at-risk group for HIV infection in Canada
  • Proportion of women testing positive for HIV is highest among young women aged 15-24
  • Heterosexual contact is the primary mode of HIV exposure for women
  • It is biologically easier for a woman to contract HIV than a man - women have a larger area of mucous membrane in the vagina then do males in the penis
  • Ontario has the highest number of HIV cases among women of all ages in comparison to all other provinces and territories

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If you want to learn more about HIV transmission, the risks associated for women, and find information to help you, please CLICK HERE

If your organization serves women or has women specific programming and you want to learn how you can help, please CLICK HERE

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For more information or to answer any questions you may have, please contact 519-763-2255 ext. 150 or e-mail

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