Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea?

We have always had difficulties treating gonorrhea. For the past 75 years, gonorrhea has become resistant to a series of medications/antibiotics that we have thrown at it. Now, we are seeing signs of gonorrhea that is resistant to our current standard therapy. A recent journal article highlights the issue in one Toronto sexually transmitted infection clinic.We don't have another truly effective antibiotic to replace the current treatment.

What does this mean?

Well, the majority of cases of gonorrhea, at this time, will respond to standard treatment. But, in order to make sure that people are actually cured of their gonorrhea infection, they will need to come back in for a "test-of-cure" (another gonorrhea test after the person completes the treatment). In one Toronto clinic there was an almost 7% treatment failure rate. Many healthcare providers are now treating all cases of gonorrhea with double the standard dose in order to overpower resistance (which will work for now, but as time passes this will be less effective)

There are studies being done right now looking at mixing and matching various types of antibiotics to see if any pairings will work against cephalosporin-resistant gonorrhea. There is also a push for the creation of new antibiotics; however, there is very little interest for pharmaceutical companies to research new antibiotics as they don't make much money at all from them. The governemnt needs to step in and provide the impetus (money) for research into new antibiotics.

As more research/info becomes available, we will add it here. 

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